How to get Register as Teacher / Tutor / Faculty Member / Webnair Expert?

We Invite Teacher / Tutor / Faculity Members of Unversities and Colleges / who offer Webinar Programs (Online/Offline) to get Registered with Raadiq.com. This is an online plateform for your future growth in your field of Intereset and specialization. The Students are who get registered with Raadiq.com and finds you for their future guidelines. So Join as a Professional and create your own Profile to generate lead online and income generation. There is no other plateform provides these free resourses.

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Registration Steps

Step 1:
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We are offering Free Registration to Teacher, Update you Profile is Free that can be accessable on Search Engines. After Registration we have some Packages with multiple Unique Features for Teachers to Start and Increase their Income Program and leads.

Step 2:
After Sucessfull Registration an Email will be Sent on Your Email Address for Account Verification. If you have not find the email in Inbox please check Spam email or Password Recovery or Account Verification

Step 3:
After Account Verification you will be redirected to Login with your UserName / Email Address and Password Credentials

My Account

  • Complete Your Profile, a Complete profile helps you to Contact and Search easily with more appropriate Details.
  • Update Your Contact Details such as Your Contact No's, Address etc.
  • Upload your Profile Picture.
  • Update Your Educational Details, Your Educational Details will help Students to reach you to avail your Place Offers.
  • Update Your Account Details for Fee Submission by Students, The Inofmration is not shared Publically. It will only be visible to Students who applied your for Offers.
  • You can also Change your Password, Please keep changing your Password before it is expired.
  • View All Categories / Specialization wise Offers Posted By Registered and Qualified Teacher / Tutor.
  • You will have Contact Us Option so you may Contact Us as a Registered Member. You may give
    • Suggestion
    • Submit Complains
    • ASk a Question
  • Teachers Menu will let you
    • Add New Offers, with Offer Title, Offer Title must be Keyword Oriented for good Search results.
    • View All Offers you can update and Delete the Placed Offers.
    • When Students Apply for any Offer, the Offer will directly move to View Responses Section.